有一种鸟是永远也关不住的,不仅仅因为它的每片羽翼上都沾满了自由的光辉,更因为他在被关的时候得到了很多鸟儿的营救 ...


508英国学者艺术家集体签名:Our fears for the fate of Ai Weiwei

The Guardian, Friday 8 April 2011

source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2011/apr/08/our-fears-fate-ai-weiwei

We write as a matter of urgency regarding the arbitrary detention of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (Report, 7 April). We and many Chinese and other friends are very concerned at the Chinese government's behaviour towards its own citizens. Ai Weiwei's position is that he firmly believes in the freedom of speech and the right to speak up on behalf of others who have been brutally silenced for their efforts to change society for the better.

As an immediate priority
we urge governments to exert strong pressure on China to treat its citizens with respect as a matter of basic justice and humanity. At this stage of China's development as a country taking an increasing part in world affairs, it is crucial that we make it clear that China's credibility in the world is at stake if it does not significantly improve its human rights record.

For example, another artist, Wu Yuren, was released in Beijing on 3 April after being detained for nearly 11 months without trial. His wife and child were left in a state of great anxiety for his safety and welfare and he had committed no crime. Liu Xiaobo has been handed an 11-year sentence as a writer who expressed the need for constitutional reform in the Chinese political system. He has effectively been removed from society for more than 10 years for expressing his views.

We are concerned that the same fate awaits Ai Weiwei. We urge the UK government to treat this case as an urgent priority and to press for his immediate release.

Katie Hill (Curator and Lecturer, Chinese Contemporary Art)

Cai Yuan (Artist)

Ma Jian (Author, Beijing Coma)

Jung Chang (author, Wild Swans)

Jon Halliday (Historian)

Craig Clunas (Professor of Art History, University of Oxford)

Michael Stanley (Director, Modern Art Oxford)

Jayne Parker (Head of Graduate Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art)

Adrian Searle (Critic)

Gao Brothers (Artists, Beijing)

Iwona Blazwick (Director, Whitechapel Gallery)

Tehching Hsieh (Artist)

Greg Hilty (Lisson Gallery)

John Gittings (Writer)

Rob and Roberta Smith (artist)

Kathy Battista (Programme Director, Contemporary Art, Sotheby's Institute)

JJ Xi (Artist)

Britta Erickson (Chinese art specialist and curator)

Alison Craighead (Artist)

Fabio Rossi (Director, Rossi & Rossi Gallery)

Langlands & Bell (Artists)

Siu Lan Ko (Artist)

Prateek Raja

Chris Berry (Professor of Film Studies, Goldsmiths)

Voon Pow Bartlett

Esther Menon

Eunice Yu (MYU projects)

Sarah Macdonald

Cameron Eeles

James Robertson (Writer)

Jo Ahern

Siobhan Doran

Sharon McCulloch

Fawz Farhan

Anna Allalouf

Richard Allalouf

Ciaran Daly

Jennifer McGuire

Jenny McConnel

Julie Rogers

Malu Halasa

Stella Hurtado

Jean Madgwick

Susan Whitehead

Leah Garnett

Roman Ondak (Artist)

Lisa Hanover

Isaac Julien (Artist)

Penny Spurbund

Julia Carver

Jill Hartz

Haili Sun (Artist)

Xiaoping Sun

Kate Edwards

Manuela de Laborde

Kathryn Lloyd

Tess Fitzjohn

Susan Collins

Richard Noble (Professor, Goldsmiths College)

Sarah Keeling

Maitreyi Maheshwari

Miriam Wiesel

David Ka-Shing Tse (Director, Chinatown arts)

Lisa Goldman

Gerard Choy (Artist)

Grace Gelder (Photographer)

Kevin McLoughlin (Curator of Asia, National Museum of Scotland)

Wenny Teo (Scholar)

Julie Segraves (Curator)

Andy Field

Paddy Johnson

Griselda Pollock (Professor of Art History, Leeds)

Sharon Sinclair

Stephanie Houde

Keith Wallace (Editor, Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art)

Polly Kwong (Artist)

Isabella Maidhead

Timothy Birch (Writer)

Keith Whittle (Director, Fountain Art)

Wessie Ling (Artist)

Sangita Mulji

Ann Twiselton (MIT Press, London)

Julia Carver

Augusto Corrieri

Owen Parry

Stefan Szczelkun

Catherine James

Samir Pandya

John E Owens (Professor of Politics, University of Westminster)

Rosie Thomas (Director, CREAM, University of Westminster)

Nat Hunter (Designer, Airside)

Blaise Drummond (Artist)

Jeroen de Kloet (China scholar and curator)

Diana Yeh (Writer)

Anna Soranzo

Sarah Cheang (Art historian, London College of Fashion)

Lois Keidan (Director, Live Arts Development Agency)

George Dawei Guo

Benedict Ramos (Photographer)

Nathan Thomas

Teresa Cisneros

Emily Pethick

Holly Willats

Doreen Mende

Jeremy Chu

Emily Smith

Melanie Manchot

Neil Sansom

Helena Wee

Annie Lok

Moti Roti (Artists)

Clemmie Marshall

Benben Hill-cai

Louis Hill-cai

Louisa Pearson

Lisa Hanover

Thomas Eller

Rachel Lucy King

David Thorp (Curator)

Rob Hadrill

Tarikh-Oliver Bull

Sheyma Ettefagh

Carole Sabas

Richard Croxford

Paul Chauncy

Mark Ball

Lisa Le Feuvre

Laura McLean-Ferris

Anne Katrine Dolven

Annie Lloyd

Nina Miall

Alison Harvey

Jason Bowman

Sue Jones

Abigail Sidebotham

Dave Farnham

Simone Kenyon

Manick Govinda (Curator, Artsadmin)

Hwang Eunhye

Matt Calderwood

Gregory Mosher

Isabel Paterson

Hannah Knights

Matt Watkins

Birgit Spies

Lucy Badrocke

Rebecca Partridge

Laura Godfrey Isaacs (Curator)

Jonathan Ashworth

Tim Knowles

Anna Lo

Molly Taylor

Eva Ting (Curator, TwoCities Gallery, Shanghai)

Anthony Elliott (Curator)

Hilary Crisp

Elisabeth Nelson

Christian Marclay

Lucy Mercer

Ian Brown

Caitlin Tebbit

Harvey Cohen

Paul Luckratt

Eliza Gluckman (Curator)

Lucy Day (Curator)

Deh-I Hsiung

Victoria Munro

Claudia Albertini (Curator)

Abel Ségrétin

Martin Kemp (Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, University of Oxford)

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Holly Black

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Jas Elsner

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Elizabeth Bromley

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Pamela Skelton

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Michael Walling

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CJ Mitchell

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Christine Robertson

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Dinu Li (Artist)

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Mary Hill

Alice Mills

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Julian Ward

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Malcolm Bull

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Madeline Warren

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Borbay (Artist)

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AMI Miami (Design)

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Alana Amram (Musician)

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Suzan Frecon (Artist)

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Sirui Yan (Salon 94)

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Michael Duffy

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Michael Duffy

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Gianni Barucco

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Robin Hill

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